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Translated from German
about 2 yearsFormer employee

bad employer

unfair wage, no opportunities for further training, bad HR
I wouldn't recommend it.

Translated from German
over 2 yearsFormer employee

Successful training

I don't understand the bad ratings at all but it depends on where you work. In general, Coop is a very good employer who is very committed to its apprentices and other employees. If the opportunity arises, I'd be happy to return.

Translated from German
about 2 yearsCurrent employee

Top employers

Good and social employer with a lot of sustainable commitment and good fringe benefits.

Translated from German
almost 2 yearsCurrent employeeSupplementary income

Poor hourly wage

Discounts for employees, percentages on REKA checks, GAV

Bad conditions in the hourly wage. Extreme flexibility is required but wage security is not offered. Sometimes there are 0 assignments per week, sometimes you are even sent home without pay if nothing goes wrong. No chance to change employment contract if you want to work more, no further training o...more

Translated from German
almost 2 yearsFormer employeeUnlimited employment

only dear colleagues

- the work colleagues were mostly super joyful
- the shopping vouchers as a reward are top
- discounted REKAs

Fixed structures, poor wages, hardly any further training opportunities and the HR in Dietikon leaves much to be desired. The personal position is exploited

Translated from German
over 1 yearCurrent employeeUnlimited employment

work climate equals zero

Good social benefits many benefits a secure job.

In the Dispo Schaffisheim it is very badly organized dispatchers without any experience in my opinion cheap workers who have to play my boss.

Translated from German
almost 3 years

I liked it very much. I learned a lot and would love to work with them again tomorrow.

Translated from German
over 1 yearApplicantUnlimited employment

Flexible and interesting activity

The workers are very friendly and helpful if you are looking for something. The workers seem concentrated and friendly to me.

None, actually. I wouldn't change much grosded.

Translated from German
8 monthsFormer employeeInternship

No qualified personnel

Coop is just known. But she still doesn't have a good reputation.

Far too few qualified employees, promoted internally, most of them think they can now play the big boss.

Translated from German
about 1 yearFormer employeeUnlimited employment

Wage could be better

Didn't have a chance to train internally. Payment and scheduling could be better.

Wages should be based on years of training and professional experience.

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