Home Manager - Personal assistant

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    02 juin 2023
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    Englisch, Französisch
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Family of 5 people living in a large property

in the La Côte region (Vaud)

is looking for


Home Manager - Personal assistant


35-50 years old


Fluent in English and French (Italian and/or German is a bonus)


Several years of experience required in hospitality or in household management/ staff recruitment;

Sense of responsibility and confidentiality;

High flexibility and hardworking attitude;

Junior accountancy skills, cash management and online payments making skills;

Self-employed status only.

Main duties :

  • Managing the household economy of the family (management of house staff, contacts with suppliers and service providers, food and non-food supplies, etc.)
  • Managing the family's agenda (various appointments outside or inside the property, etc.).
  • Organizing the maintenance of the house and its surroundings (contacts with enterprises for maintenance services, repairs and various works).
  • Organizing family members' travels in Switzerland and abroad by all means of transportation (travel, accommodation and general logistics).


Fixed term contract (6 months or one year, to be discussed).

Part-time position possible.

Remuneration commensurate with the task.

Swiss nationality or valid work permit.

Please, send your previous employment reference letter with proof of salary.


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