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Translated from German

about 1 month

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Image more important than dealing with employees

interesting field of work & depending on the department, team cooperation, salary in line with market conditions

Top management should become aware of the importance of appreciation, trust and respectful treatment of employees. Management is old-fashioned, very patriarchal and characterized by the exercise of power, often lacking the necessary expertise, employees are often "kept down". No internal promotion o...more

Translated from German

3 months

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Leadership with many shortcomings

Partly interesting work in a political environment that is not common.

The management's leadership style should be modernized as a matter of urgency (strongly patriarchal). Input from employees should not be perceived as an attack, but as an opportunity. Take an interest in the employees and listen to them. Outwardly, the company presents itself as modern, but the mana...more