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Passion für Immobilien. Seit 1935. Schaeppi Grundstücke AG ist eine traditionsreiche und führende Immobiliendienstleisterin mit Standorten in Zürich, Basel und St. Gallen. Seit über 87 Jahren erbringen wir als Familienunternehmen Dienstleistungen rund um Immobilien. Wir verstehen uns als zuverläs...



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31 October 2018

Current employee

Top employers and family businesses

I have been working here since August 2018 and am overwhelmed by the great climate that prevails here. As a family business, the company focuses on long-term goals and not on short-term profit. This also has an effect on the working atmosphere. Instead of constant restructuring, the employees here a...

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13 November 2018

Current employee

Very pleasant employer

I have been experiencing a very good corporate culture and high esteem here for five years. It is therefore very pleasant to work here. Work environment fits, further training fits, salary fits. In addition, there are various goodies such as lunch checks, small gifts during the year, ZüriZoo tickets...

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17 June 2021

Current employee

Very good working atmosphere, exciting activities.

This works well in the company

Very good working atmosphere and competent management. Independent work is valued and you enjoy a lot of trust. Everyone is very helpful, team colleagues as well as superiors and the management. Very competent and helpful IT department.

This could be improved

Drive digitalization forward as quickly as possible. Shorten work processes in some cases. A lounge (cafeteria) would be great.


Schaeppi Grundstücke AG

Sihlfeldstrasse 10
8003 Zürich


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