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Zimmer is a worldwide #1 pure-play orthopaedic leader in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing reconstructive, spinal, dental and trauma implants and related surgical products. Zimmer has operations in more than 27 countries around the globe and sells products in more than 100 countries...more

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Zimmer GmbH

EMEA Strategic Sourcing Lead (Direct Material: Implants) 100% m/w

Zimmer GmbH - Winterthur

Sie sind in erster Linie für das strategische Beschaffungsmanagement für ein zugewiesenes Produktsegment / Lieferantenportfolio (Implantate) ...
Zimmer GmbH

CNC Machine Operator 100% (ab sofort - befristet 3-6 Mt) M/W

Zimmer GmbH - Winterthur

Selbstständiges Einrichten und Bedienen von 5-Achsen Bearbeitungscentern Hermle C42 mit Heidenhainsteuerung iTNC 530 und iTNC 640 verbunden
Zimmer GmbH

CMM Inspector 100% (m/w)

Zimmer GmbH - Winterthur

Messung an gesteuerten Koordinatmessmaschinen in diversen Prüfstellen, Erfassung geprüften Waren im SAP, Auswertung und Protokollierung der ...


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over 1 year
Current employee

Worked in this company for a long time. The human aspect is extremely neglected there. It only plays a role of paying.

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7 months
Current employee
Unlimited employment
Unbearable conditions

Personnel cost savings at the expense of the remaining employees

Corporate & leadership culture, dealing with employees is horrible

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12 months
Current employee
Unlimited employment
Excellent employees and products

When it comes down to it, the employees stand up for each other and find solutions together. The patient is clearly in the foreground at this company.
Very good Know How available which is also passed on to the employees. Further training is made possible for employees who also make an effort themse...more

To market the location even better to the outside world, after all, Zimmer Biomet Winterthur is one of the largest employers in Winterthur and thus a very important financier for many families,
We can be very proud of the excellent products we make every day that have improved the lives of so many p...more


Zimmer GmbH

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