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Translated from German

10 October 2023

Current employee

Sensible work with potential for optimization in the details

This works well in the company

A large part of the team and the supervisors look after each other well and benevolently. The focus is on the care of the asylum seekers and how we can improve this, but we also keep an eye on our own well-being. The personal appreciation on the part of the superiors and is very positive. Overall, I...

This could be improved

There is great potential for improvement in digitization. Unfortunately, many processes still run with individual Excel spreadsheets instead of the cross-country program. Wage increases are only given when employees move to management positions. This does ensure that people receive the same pay for...

Translated from German

27 November 2023


Details of the salary were not disclosed in advance

This works well in the company

I can't judge, as I was only invited for an interview and don't work there....

This could be improved

It is unfortunate that the salary was not discussed in advance. During the interview, the manager told me the salary and unfortunately it was well below my expectations. The interview was then quickly ended. In my opinion, it would have been helpful to inform the applicants in advance about the sala...