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Die Asetronics AG ist ein mittelständisches Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Bern (Schweiz) sowie ein führender Anbieter in den Bereichen Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services (EEMS) und LED-basierte Lichtsysteme. Die Kundenforderungen, welche auf Wunsch von der Idee bis zum getesteten Produkt...more

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Asetronics AG - Bern

Anpassungsfähigkeit, Belastbarkeit, C, C++, C--, C-Sharp, Deutsch, Durchsetzungsvermögen, Eigenverantwortung, Formen, Französisch, Freundlichkeit, ...

Offene Lehrstelle Start 2020

Asetronics AG - Bern

Auffassungsgabe, Aufgeschlossenheit, Berufslehre, START


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Translated from German
9 months
Current employee
Unlimited employment
If nothing changes now, we can close the company!

The working time model is very good in some areas (Mon-Fri, office hours). This is rare in this day and age.

Generally raise wages to a higher level (especially for production employees). Thus the motivation of most of the employees would be at a higher level again, which would have a positive effect on performance and quality.

More support for group leaders on the part of GL and not the opposite.


Translated from German
about 1 month
Former employee
Unlimited employment

The wages are right on time.
I'm still looking for the other points worth mentioning...
Sorry, nothing found!

Goals & Strategy!
Improve communication!
Create trust!

Translated from German
over 1 year
Great communication

Friendly welcome!
Interesting, mutual and open discussion culture.
Exciting company with great potential!


Asetronics AG

Freiburgstrasse 251
3018 Bern


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Apprenticeship Employer