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09 August 2023

Current employee

going backwards in terms of culture

This works well in the company

- Collaboration, people are very nice and collaborative.. - Work life balance

This could be improved

- Everyone deserves a great leader and there is definitely need to improve leadership . So many are there for a long time and not willing to adapt to new ways of working or staying up to date with new innovations and giving empowerment to their teams. Especially HR is the worst in this is 10 y...

28 September 2020

Former employee

Roche Molecular Diagnostics - System Development Experience

This works well in the company

Company offers many interesting benefits. It offers also a lot of freedom for self development which I think is extremely unique and I miss this a lot.

This could be improved

Worked in molecular diagnostics, system development department. This department is too technical. If you are used to worked in an open and agile style, this department might be not for you.

22 March 2024

Former employee

Constant internal reorganisations

This works well in the company

There is little to none of micro management (again depending on the department). People are highly proactive and efficient despite working 80%-90% remote. The project time line/communications move rather in the glacial pace. I actually was in stress having to push somebody to get a prompt response.

This could be improved

The management style depends on the department. The one I worked for (CXSD) doesn't value career building so much. The politics are somehow stronger and many people are always at risk to be replaced. New joiners are hired mostly as contractors these days. In reality, working here doesn't make you fe...

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