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Die Schweizer Electronic ist Marktleader für automatisierten Personen- und Güterschutz an der befahrenen Schiene in Europa. Bahnautomation und hochverfügbare Funksysteme ergänzen Produktpalette und Marktsegmente. Unsere Spezialisten und Fachleute setzen sich täglich für die Sicherung von Bahnbaus...



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22 May 2019

Current employee

Gute Work-Life-Balance!

This works well in the company

Is growing strongly; new markets abroad are currently being developed. Spacious offices; There is still plenty of room to grow. Launched a new business unit SSQ in 2018. Great products that have a very good reputation in the market.

This could be improved

Too few employees to grow even stronger. The company is looking for qualified specialists. Reiden is a little far away from the big cities.


Schweizer Electronic AG

Industriestrasse 3
6260 Reiden