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Stiftung Auffangeinrichtung BVG
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Translated from German
very good employer, nice offices

Very nice offices and infrastructure. Collegial cohesion is very good. Very good working atmosphere among employees and team leaders. Also very nice colleagues across departments and a good working atmosphere.

The top management is represented by persons who in some cases have no idea of the business. Decisions are made without having the necessary knowledge. The senior management (GL) has lost touch with the operation/daily business and does not know what is actually being done at the grassroots level. T...more

Translated from German
Exciting job in a very collegial environment!

A company in positive (new) awakening! The Foundation has grown strongly in recent years: securing retirement provision is becoming an increasing challenge for Switzerland in general. This makes the work super exciting - you can get involved and help shape it.
The working atmosphere is very collegia...more

The foundation has grown rapidly, now it is a matter of adapting structures and processes to growth and further professionalizing them.

Translated from German
Friendly and humane

The application process is very friendly and humane. Typical standard questions are also asked, but these do not seem to be match deciding. Much more important seems to be whether someone fits into the team.

Getting to know the entire team would be even more important in the process, not just the team leader and the StV.

Translated from German
Top colleagues and exciting work

Exciting work in a unique field, occupational benefits. If you are interested in learning new things, acquiring knowledge and getting involved, you can go a long way. We are undergoing a major upheaval, many things are changing, and there is a major digitization project that focuses above all on imp...more

There is potential for optimisation - more structure and coordinated action would sometimes be desirable. There is also still a shortage of personnel in certain departments and employees are therefore overburdened, which leads to dissatisfaction.
But the advantages and the exciting work far outweigh...more

Translated from German
Interesting work in beautiful offices

Very interesting work, varied and challenging. You can bring in ideas, move things around and implement projects.
Unique role of the foundation in the BVG - one learns a lot every day. The colleague coherence, the team are great. You help each other, you support each other and sometimes you go away...more

The flow of information and communication can certainly be optimized. Here, however, it depends very much on the respective superior.

Translated from German
Exciting work in a collegial environment

With a new leadership a good 2 years ago, a lot has got into motion. A lot is being changed and in my area as an employee you can actively contribute to it by contributing ideas and getting involved in projects. Very exciting work in a unique environment - it is a lot of fun to work here.

There's a lot of change at the moment and it's fast. Sometimes the prompt open communication and the involvement of the employees fall by the wayside.
In order to work for us, you have to like change, be open to new ideas and be flexible.

Translated from German
It could be better

The employees are friendly and helpful to each other. The field of activity is interesting.

Work processes should be organised more simply. All employees should have the opportunity to advance to the next level.

Translated from German
There is much to improve

Collegial, good working relationship. Very modern workstations. Easily accessible by public transport.

More employees and fewer managers would be more appropriate, more efficient and more cost-effective. A standard software on the market would bring less expenditure and above all work relief.

Translated from German
It's not enough to talk nice!

Interesting variety of products in all areas. Good cohesion within the teams.

Processes should be clearly defined and uniformly communicated.
Mandatory recruitment of qualified management personnel.
Treat all employees equally.
Exercise motivation instead of repression.

Translated from German
Encouraging employees instead of overtaxing them

There's a lot to do - there's work to do.
You can get involved, and if you're good with your superiors, you can even move up.

Questioning outdated thinking and recruiting qualified personnel.

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