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Three-Tec is the specialist for the development and production of feeding systems, extruders and process equipment in process technology. Our family-owned company, now in its second generation, was founded in 2000, employs 45 people and is based in Seon AG.



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Translated from German

20 December 2018

Former employee


This works well in the company

The flexible working hours are good but the same as in any other company. The development of the company is very positive, the bosses think old-fashioned and that's good because they have a stable position in the industry, nevertheless they always try to develop new products and are very successful...

This could be improved

Apprentice training could be optimized, they are partly treated as cheap employees. If you're not a friend of the family, it can be hard to get into the team, because everyone knows everybody whether father of the apprentice or so on.... but it's possible if you want to.

Translated from German

16 June 2018

Current employee

flexible working hours, young motivated team!

We process aluminium and stainless steels. Lot sizes 1-10, which makes everyday life very varied.

Translated from German

24 May 2018

Current employee

Working hours, team

I think the flexible working hours in this company are very good. The production team is very young. The climate is one of collegiality. Five young people are in training to become polymechanics EFZ.


Three-Tec GmbH

Birren 20
5703 Seon