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Translated from German

over 2 years

Current employee

Not recommended

Surveillance, control, no freedoms, open-plan offices without privacy, Only profit and profit counts. The employee is not much value.

Translated from German

almost 3 years

Current employee

Control and monitoring

Mistrust, control and constant monitoring are the order of the day. The employee counts for nothing. If you don't parry, you're replaced. Only yes-men will be tolerated. Profit is top of the list. Unpleasant workplaces in open-plan offices. Many of my team have already resigned internally and are lo...more

Translated from German

over 2 years

HR responsible

Thank you so much for your feedback. It is very important to us that our employees feel comfortable at work. We regret that you have had a negative experience with PostFinance as an employer. In order to find out how we can concretely improve ourselves, we would like to talk to you personally. Pleas...more

Translated from German

about 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

One of the best employers in Switzerland

A great employer with fair wages and good social benefits. Flexible working hours, home office, 6 weeks holidays, vouchers, discounts, etc. are just a few examples.

There is no company where nothing could be improved. Sometimes you just have to become active yourself in order to achieve your personal goals. Basically, you can talk about anything. Understandably, however, not every wish of an individual can be taken into account.

Translated from German

over 3 years

Easy ways to buy holidays. Compensation okay. Working hours freely selectable. Internal processes very complicated. Overhead way too big. Team cohesion good.

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