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CGS has been a byword for flexible and individualized airport services solutions for almost 50 years now. Our goals at CGS are clear and simple: to be the most valued service company at Zurich, Geneva and Basel airports for travellers, customers and further business partners. We see that value in ou...more

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CGS Customer Ground Service AG

HR Fachfrau/-mann 80-100%

CGS Customer Ground Service AG - Basel und Zürich

Als versierte und erfahrene HR Fachfrau/mann sind Sie für die gesamte Personaladministration zuständig.

HR Fachfrau/-mann 80-100%

CGS Customer Ground Service AG - Zürich



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Translated from German
about 2 yearsApplicant

Dubious business conduct

After cancellation after a few weeks or months, the same job is advertised again.

Translated from German
almost 2 yearsCurrent employeeUnlimited employment

Teamwork - together we can do (almost) everything

The company is run with a great deal of passion - high esteem from the very top. ????

Processes, process optimization, standardization (as far as possible)


CGS Customer Ground Service AG

Operation Center 1
8058 Zürich-Flughafen