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Translated from German

over 3 years

Former employee

Once and never again

If you want to apply here, think twice. It's a call center. The job description does not correspond to the activities.

Translated from German

almost 4 years

Employees are very distant from the new employees. However, the managing director is very kind and interested in his employees. Social benefits, working climate, employees FLOP also the job a FLOP not popular with customers!

Translated from German

3 months

Current employee, Unlimited employment

no complaints

This works well in the company

I can't agree with the bad reviews. It is fun to work here. Some employees have been with us for years. Familiar, relaxed atmosphere. Job description matches the real job. I have noticed that some unmotivated former employees have complained about the work, even though they themselves did not perfor...more

This could be improved

I currently have no suggestions for improvement. If there were any, they could be noted at any time and were also taken seriously by the management.