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DACHSER combines many parts into a whole, because we connect people and systems in a uniquely systematic manner. In Switzerland, 268 employees are involved at any given time in connecting the flow of commodities, information, and transport companies with each other. The cooperation of 9 branches ens...more

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DACHSER Spedition AG

Transport-Disponent (M/W)

DACHSER Spedition AG - Regensdorf

Für das Dispositionsteam des Logistikzentrums in Regensdorf suchen wir Verstärkung. Per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung stellen wir einen ...
DACHSER Spedition AG

Gruppenleiter Disposition

DACHSER Spedition AG - Regensdorf

Im Rahmen einer Nachfolgeregelung suchen wir für das Dispositionsteam des Logistikzentrums in Regensdorf einen neuen Vorgesetzten. Zusammen mit Ihrem

Logistiker EFZ oder EBA 100% (m/w/d)

Dachser Spedition AG - Birsfelden

Gewissenhaftigkeit, IT Infrastruktur Architektur, Infrastrukturumwandlung, Ladungssicherung, PC-Kenntnisse, Professionelle Herangehensweise, ...


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Translated from German
over 1 yearFormer employeeUnlimited employment

Absolutely not recommendable

The employees are listened to, one or the other boss has good professional competence, which has been at the expense of humanity. Good introduction to the company and the operating rules (which is not observed by anyone). Good communication between superiors. Improvements are being sought in all are...more

Absolutely poisoned work culture and working climate
The superiors in the commercial/warehouse area have no leadership competencies, neither in the area of specialist knowledge nor in humanity.
Guidelines and regulations are set by the management level but not lived out.
Employees are monitored by v...more

Translated from German
5 monthsFormer employeeUnlimited employment

Saving on employees / More appearance than substance

There are people with outstanding technical skills and there are, to some extent, good opportunities for further training (unfortunately, further training will not have a positive effect on the salary)

The colleagues are nice and the atmosphere is more or less good. Depends on the department and th...more

It must be improved that no savings are made on employees. You can hardly keep up with your work. Overtime and giving up one's private life for Dachser is virtually a prerequisite. Incidentally, Dachser Switzerland's top motto is SAVING! In terms of salary too. The tone of communication leaves a lot...more


DACHSER Spedition AG

Althardstrasse 355
8105 Regensdorf