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Autogrill Schweiz AG is focused on gastronomy for travellers, on motorways, at airports, in shopping centres and railway stations. With approximately 100 restaurants across Switzerland, at 25 locations, Autogrill is among the largest Swiss chain restaurants and is a 100% subsidiary company of the in...more

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Translated from German

over 2 years

Current employee

Wages, training, further education and the workplace

Wages very low, no internal safety training or other training, higher education to finance, large savings measure, cheap and defective equipment, overtime is rarely credited. Medical certificates required from day one

Translated from German

almost 3 years


Incompetent managers

Unsympathetic, incompetent managers, judging without expertise. Advertising is associated with a lot of effort, system gastronomy with low quality, dishes are not authentic.

Translated from German

5 days

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Autogrill the best!

I have been with this company for 1 year and I find everything top!

I think this company is all right. Everyone gets their pay as they deserve. Those who have a diploma usually earn more.