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Translated from German

29 August 2019


Too bad, would like to know more about the position and firm.

This works well in the company

Very long application process, ambiguous and unclear communication. You had to keep going back and forth.

This could be improved

Tell from the beginning that you cannot be considered for a first round discussion. After 4 weeks I was informed that my candidacy belonged to a "shortlist". After another 5 weeks of silence then the usual HR-CRM generated rejection.Total held out for 9 weeks, but no invitation. Total candidate ghos...

Translated from German

19 October 2017

Great employer. I have been working for the company for 12 years and can recommend Robert Aebi. You may/must work in any company, but here the culture and the environment are right. Exciting tasks and great freedom for the employee.

Translated from German

20 October 2017

Professional application process. Unfortunately, the job wasn't quite enough in the end. But I'm going to apply to Robert Aebi again.

Translated from German

19 October 2017

I applied to Robert Aebi for a job and was there for an interview. In the end I didn't get the job but I will apply again at Robert Aebi. The entire application process was very professional and pleasant. The people I met were very friendly. The culture had a very motivating and positive effect on m...