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Translated from German

14 March 2020

Former employee

Why do you think so many changes in this area?

This works well in the company

Since the construction of the new building a really nice working environment and a good contact with each other. Since it is not so easy to reach by public transport, enough parking spaces (free!) and in the green surroundings relaxing breaks are possible. Working with Mac environment is fun. Consid...

This could be improved

Actually a great job and some very good managers. Owner-managed and personal contact with GL/VR at eye level. A company with huge (unused) potential. Unfortunately, the positions in accounting/human resources management at both Agrotropic and the subsidiary Blume 3000 (formerly Blume 2000) are fille...

26 March 2024

Current employee

Good working atmosphere and flexible working hours

This works well in the company

I don't know what I could improve, I love working here. I hope I will be here for a much longer time.

This could be improved

agrotropic is a fantastic place to work! The team is supportive, the culture is open for ideas, and there are plenty of opportunities for growth. Highly recommend!