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over 1 yearCurrent employeeUnlimited employment

Felxibility & People are top !

Very nice and cool people ! Ambitious, motivated, helpful !!!

Define a clear strategy. Improve communication. Be more hands on with the people.

Translated from German
about 1 yearCurrent employeeUnlimited employment

Still top but only briefly competitive

Innovative and inspiring working environment. Nice helpful colleagues and exciting tasks.

Unfortunately, you notice the financial pressure strongly. Constant unprofessional reorganizations chase away good resources. Salary and benefits no longer in line with market conditions.

Translated from German
over 1 yearApplicantUnlimited employment

Thumbs up and keep it up!

Very friendly and professional application process. All interviewers took the time during the interviews to explain the job and its requirements in detail. I've seldom seen that. Thumbs up and keep it up!

The application process takes a little longer with two rounds of interviews, but I think that's normal.

Translated from German
about 2 yearsApplicant

Only one point for standard cancellation

Very fast and professional standard cancellation. It seems like they're all just working hard-core pros.

Translated from German
almost 3 years

telephone interviews: very unprofessional!

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