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Translated from German
8 monthsFormer employeeUnlimited employment

The last company

Nothing at all, all just a facade then rather with the RAV
You work more for free than you pay

This is the last pad.
Management thinks they're the biggest.
They want you to work 14 hours a week and they only want to pay 8.
If you make a mistake, everything has to be done for free so that the profit is in line.
Don't touch the company.
Once and never again

Translated from German
4 monthsFormer employeeUnlimited employment

Working climate bottom drawer

Nothing! Wages down to man-hours, way too low!
Organization and communication on construction sites and in the office = zero!

Don't get involved in this business unless you want to get ripped off!

Translated from German
about 1 yearFormer employeeUnlimited employment

Friendly superiors, very well organized.

Very interesting work, much of it with the preservation of historical monuments.
Great importance is attached to ecological products.

The work colleagues should maintain the machines and tools better.



Längfeldweg 115
2500 Biel 6