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Als eines der grössten Pflegezentren im Kanton Aargau mit 270 Bewohnerinnen und Bewohnern sowie rund 450 Mitarbeitenden bietet das Regionale Pflegezentrum Baden mit seinen verschiedenen Kompetenzbereichen professionelle Pflege und Betreuung für Personen jeden Alters an.



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Translated from German

19 Juni 2021

Former employee

Qou vadis, RPB?

This works well in the company

The public relations and related PR machinery.

This could be improved

To finally unravel and point out the entanglement, so that the performance of individual protagonists is more clearly evident. And then also the corresponding consequences can be drawn. Restrict the "kingdoms" of individual service areas and reduce them to their main task. Take managers at all level...

Translated from German

02 September 2022

HR responsible

Dear ex-RPB colleague Everyone talks about communication and feedback culture, but only a few live it - actually a pity. As an employer, we want an open dialog and are open to your suggestions, criticism and ideas for improvement. Share them with us and thus become an influencer of our further devel...