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Translated from German

22 July 2019

Former employee


This works well in the company

In this company the management structure is missing, nobody really knows what, when and where to do. Everyone is working, but internal communication is missing. Working at Marti Technik AG can be frustrating.

This could be improved

One should make an organigram that really should show how the shop should run and give everyone clear competences.

Translated from German

22 September 2021

Current employee

There is still room for improvement

This works well in the company

The company would have many interesting orders, which, however, are only processed in moderate quality.

This could be improved

The organisation and management of the company urgently needs to be improved. No one really knows who their superior is and what needs to be done. Many projects extremely poorly organized. Fortunately for the management, Marti Technik AG receives the majority of orders from Marti Tunnel AG, without...


Marti Technik AG

Lochackerweg 2
3302 Moosseedorf


Apprenticeship Employer

Apprenticeship Employer