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Energizing the future – this gets to the very heart of Swissgrid's function and responsibility in providing Switzerland with a reliable and sustainable electrical power supply. As the national grid company, Swissgrid operates the transmission grid (the "electricity super highways") and monito...more

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Swissgrid AG

Specialist Infrastructure Security (80-100%)

Swissgrid AG - Aarau

Im Team Network Security kümmern wir uns um das Engineering und den Betrieb von IT-Security Systemen in einer der wichtigsten kritischen ...
22 Sep
Swissgrid AG

Schutzspezialist/in SAS (80-100%)

Swissgrid AG - Aarau

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams am Hauptsitz in Aarau oder in Prilly suchen wir eine/n erfahrene/n Schutzspezialisten/in im Bereich Substation ...
22 Sep
Swissgrid AG

Senior Network Engineer (80-100%)

Swissgrid AG - Aarau

In unserem Network Team kümmern wir uns um das Engineering und den Betrieb von hochkritischen Datacenter-Netzwerken. Teilen Sie unsere Passion für ...
17 Sep


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Translated from German

over 2 years

Applicant, Unlimited employment

application process

This works well in the company

The first contact to a first job interview including the in-depth question rounds in a second interview goes well.

This could be improved

It is not acceptable that after a second interview the rejection is stored as a combox message. Such feedback must at least be provided by direct telephone contact, otherwise the HR department will leave an unprofessional impression with insufficient esteem for highly qualified candidates.

Translated from German

about 3 years


As an applicant, you don't really feel welcome.

Swissgrid pursues a somewhat special form of MA recruitment. Jobs are advertised, kept open for a long time, then advertised via intermediaries, then again internally. Whether these job(s) are really vacant is not quite clear.

Translated from German

almost 3 years


Didn't feel welcome

I didn't really feel welcome here. It's a pity the job still seems to be exciting. Well, salary's below average, too.