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Translated from German
Exciting work and a great team

We are a small company with a team of very close colleagues. This is very important because we have to work together a lot. The company is small, but it allows you to discover different aspects of the world of events.

The company tries to improve every year. In my opinion, there is still room for improvement in process efficiency.

Translated from German
Good working climate

The cooperation with the young and innovative team is fun. You can bring your ideas to the table and work together on interesting projects.

At an event there are always things to improve. However, all problems can be solved by good teamwork and I currently see no specific potential for improvement.

Translated from German
Exceptional working atmosphere

The cooperation and cohesion within the team are exceptionally good. In addition, there are exciting projects and the opportunity to divide up your work freely. In addition, the employer always has an open ear for its employees, no matter what the issue is.

Project processes and time management could be better.

Translated from German
Super working atmosphere, challenging but exciting work,

Super teamwork and every day new and exciting challenges

Very small office space, but we will move to a newer, larger office in January.

Translated from German
Ingenious working atmosphere and the opportunity to learn a lot

- extremely great atmosphere in the team on a collegial basis
- high basis of trust, important tasks are transferred
- can learn a lot as a trainee and is not only there to "make coffee".
- all in all a very good agency, because you are challenged and get a great insight into the tasks and working m...more

- Wage could be a little higher, because you quickly carry a lot of responsibility.
- a lot of overtime, which is normal for an event manager
- Duration of meetings and communication within the team with regard to upcoming tasks could be optimized.

Translated from German
Loyal, stressful but committed working environment

Independence and self-initiative are written in capital letters in this company. The boss has complete confidence in the competencies of his employees and guides them through their daily work.

Due to the once very small team and the relatively large projects, there were often overtime hours, which one likes to work, but sometimes it can be a bit much. Thus, an appropriate division of labour would have room for improvement.

Translated from German
Good working atmosphere & interesting work

- Good working climate
- Cool team
- self-reliance
- accountability
- development potential
- Insight into a new industry

- Administrative things could go better/faster.
- working hours

Translated from German
Great working climate

Cooperation and atmosphere in the team are excellent - very pleasant.
Also good infrastructures.
Clear areas of responsibility.

Have a more consistent team at your disposal.
Whereby I must say that this has already improved towards the end of my time there.

Translated from German
Good working atmosphere, great team and challenging tasks

The work in the team worked very well. Tasks are clearly distributed and executed. The freedom which is left to one when solving and completing the tasks is large. Own suggestions and opinions are taken seriously and improvements are sought. The way the team deals with each other is very familiar. I...more

This great freedom, which is left to one, can be partly also counterproductive. The tasks and the approach should be defined even more precisely / narrowly. So everyone in the team talks about the same thing and there are no misunderstandings.

Translated from German
Responsibilities & Cooperation

We are a great team that holds together and is helpful in any situation. Being a team player is an important prerequisite in this industry. Even as an intern, you can be active in many areas or take on responsibility. Whether during the production of an event or in the office, you experience the wor...more

Time management and task sharing, especially for several projects at the same time.

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