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Das sind wir Gemeinsam wachsen, gemeinsam das Beste schaffen: Das ist unsere Vision, das ist Green. Seit über 25 Jahren gestalten wir die digitale Zukunft aktiv mit. In dieser Zeit haben wir uns vom Internetpionier zum führenden Schweizer Unternehmen für digitale Services gewandelt. Wir...



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26 May 2019


Unprofessional and dubious behaviour

This works well in the company

Even after several weeks, there will be no answer to questions by e-mail or telephone about your application. That's unprofessional and frivolous behavior. I'd be avoiding this company. Green, I see red.

This could be improved

This company should react promptly to applications or let it go and not advertise any jobs.

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29 September 2020

HR responsible

In the meantime, we have optimised our recruitment process and adapted it to the needs of our candidates. We are looking forward to your application. Best regards Heidrun Meier Jehle head of human resources

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07 June 2019

Current employee

Thank you for your comment. You're absolutely right. No response to an application or enquiries is very unprofessional. We formally apologize for this misconduct. We are anxious to constantly improve our services and have already initiated suitable measures so that such a thing should not happen aga...

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03 September 2022

Former employee

Very poor working atmosphere.

This works well in the company

The team cohesion, the general working environment and the punctual pay.

This could be improved

The quality and expertise of leadership and communication at all levels.

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16 January 2021


Good transparent process

This works well in the company

Very quick feedback - reliable feedback - positive personal appearance

This could be improved

I had a very good trial Maybe it makes sense if you know the whole process in advance ... not a must but can


Green: Nachhaltige Datacenter: Für Unternehmen und die Umwelt ein Gewinn



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