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Das Familienunternehmen Liebherr wurde im Jahr 1949 von Hans Liebherr gegründet. Der große Erfolg des ersten mobilen, leicht montierbaren und preisgünstigen Turmdrehkrans bildete das Fundament des Unternehmens. Heute zählt Liebherr nicht nur zu den größten Baumaschinenherstellern der Welt, sondern i...



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09 March 2023

Former employee

Interesting Signature

This works well in the company

The staff are all extremely polite and helpful as a team.

This could be improved

Leadership style should encourage change and a continuous improvement mentality, instead they are stuck in old business practices.

Translated from German

05 June 2024

Former employee

Fantastic region, successful family business

This works well in the company

There is little continuity between employees in the individual specialist departments, which makes work more difficult as a lot of knowledge has been lost and has to be acquired again and again.

This could be improved

Communication between the various specialist departments was not optimal, and it was time to develop a new strategy.

Translated from German

30 September 2020

Current employee

A global corporation with family management

This works well in the company

Variety of products; Services; Employment of the hired staff

This could be improved

Optimization of internal processes. Introduction of future-oriented services.




Liebherr Machines Bulle SA

Rue Hans-Liebherr 7
1630 Bulle