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Annual Gross Salary

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Median based on 10459 salary entriesCHF 95 204

This salary estimate is based on years of data collection from our partners and active user community. We also consider similar positions to calculate an estimate, including different seniority levels. We continually refine and update this data to provide the most reliable and up-to-date salary information.

Salary by age & gender

Salary data is categorised by age and gender, offering insights into salary trends and differences among age groups and genders.

Age & Gender

projektleiter, Throughout Switzerland


Salary by work experience

The graph shows how the number of years working as a projektleiter relates to income levels.

Individuals starting with no experience in the field can expect to earn an annual salary of CHF 90 000. The graph also shows that the highest expected salary for this profession is CHF 107 022 per year.

Salary by work experience

projektleiter, Throughout Switzerland


salary progression through years of experience

Salary trend

The graph shows how salaries for projektleiter have changed over time.

In 2013-2015, the annual median salary was CHF 96 476. From 2022-2024, the median salary reached its highest at CHF 99 367 per year.

Salary trend

projektleiter, Throughout Switzerland

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Published: 27 January 2024

Highest-Paying industries

The highest paying industry for a projektleiter is Banking / Financial institutions, with an average salary of CHF 130 000 anually. Followed by Insurance and Medical Technology industries. Remember that significant variations between companies within a single industry can exist.

Salary by cantons for projektleiter

The top two high-paying cantons for projektleiter are Zug and Geneva. Salaries vary per canton depending on the local job market and industry trends.


Throughout Switzerland


CHF 95 210

median salary

Salary by canton