Oracle DBA Senior Consultant - 100% - Perm - German speaking - Bern, Switzerland

KATARSYS, Bornet Huguet

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    30 October 2023
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    Unlimited employment
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Oracle DBA Senior Consultant - 100% - Perm - German speaking - Bern, Switzerland

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Posted On 30.10.2023

Job Information

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Job Description

Oracle DBA Senior Consultant
100% - Perm - German speaking - Bern


  • Serve as the primary point of contact for clients and responsibly execute their projects independently.

  • Deploy and install new Oracle database infrastructure.

  • Manage, maintain, administer, and patch Oracle appliance bare metal systems with virtualization technology.

  • Migrate on-premises and cloud databases.

  • Apply patches and updates to databases using Ansible for large-scale patching.

  • Deploy and configure high-availability databases (Data Guard, dbvisit, RAC, etc.).

  • Propose innovative solutions to meet specific customer needs (Snapshots, container databases, etc.).

  • Implement, configure, and manage database backups.

  • Handle database recovery in the event of incidents.

  • Replicate and transfer data using various technologies (RMAN duplicate, Data Pump Export/Import, etc.).

  • Manage data replication, filtering, and transformation with Oracle GoldenGate.

  • Resolve database performance issues through in-depth performance analysis.

  • Undertake Oracle database administration and troubleshooting, including user support.

  • Conduct licensing audits.

  • Develop shell scripts, SQL, and PL/SQL scripts.

  • Prepare comprehensive technical documentation for projects and solutions delivered.


  • Bachelor or Master's Degree in relevant domain.

  • Proven experience with Oracle database server.

  • Exceptional knowledge and significant experience in Oracle RMAN backup and restore.

  • Proficiency in Oracle Tuning.

  • Familiarity with high availability solutions such as Dataguard or Real Application Cluster.

  • Strong team player.

  • Fluent in German and English (both mandatory, both written & spoken).

  • Ability to provide expertise in Apex and PL/SQL (a plus).

Location : Bern, Switzerland
Contract : Full-time, Permanent

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