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Product Owner - web and mobile development

 — Lausanne

Product Owner - web and mobile development

You have 3-5 years of experience as a Product Owner (or more) in the web and mobile development industry in Switzerland.

You understand the business model and value proposition of our clients and their expectations. You capture the voice of the customer and translate their requirements into competitive product offerings. You have a solid vision of what you would like Apptitude to deliver to achieve the desired end-to-end customer experience.

As a Product Owner, you communicate with a diverse set of people including the client and Development Teams. Using your excellent negotiation skills you collaborate with everyone to bring them on board with the product vision . You are the advocate of customer-centricity, you ensure that customer needs are understood and the specifications for the product features are appropriately detailed so they are clearly understood by the development teams.

You create the proposed product roadmap together with the stakeholders and you structure a product delivery plan in line with the product roadmap. You define the product features and validate that features meet customer and market expectations. You develop the scope and define backlog items (epic/features/user stories) that guide the Agile software development team . You solve product-related problems, make decisions, complete trade-off analysis to stay on track towards business deliverable commitments

You have significant experience with SCRUM Teams (Ideally with certification PSPO I or II) and you view scrum-based project management as the rule rather than the exception. You are available for the Development Team and you ensure their queries are answered in a timely manner.

Your leadership skills help you to take ownership of the project and assume responsibility for the success or failure of the project. You work closely with the management team in order to create a product that fits in Apptitude's company portfolio.

Besides your role as Product Owner, you actively participate in Apptitude's revenue acquisition effort by identifying sales, upselling and cross-selling opportunities. You collaborate with the sales and operations teams to make Apptitude's client experience perfect from the very beginning to servicing through the entire Product Lifecycle.

You have a bachelor or master degree in engineering, ideally software /IT, and ideally experience with projects related to Medical Device software. You worked in Switzerland long enough to blend perfectly in the swiss culture and its ecosystem and you understand its regional sensitivities.

You are perfectly fluent in French and in English and you work using both languages indifferently. You offer additional language skills (German or Swiss-German for example is highly desired). You have a valid driving license and you are used to optimizing travel time and flexibility using the car and public transport.

If you feel you fit the job and the company culture we suggest you apply. We expect a convincing motivation letter (English or French).

Please apply by using this form https://podio.com/webforms/24669390/1810110