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L’offre de services de ETAVIS comprend le consulting, l‘engineering, la gestion de projet, la réalisation, le service après-vente et l’exploitation de systèmes de bâtiments et d’installations de télécommunication. En tenant compte de l’écologie et de l’économie, nous optimisons les processus des sys...more

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Servicemonteur Projekt- und Kundenservice (m/w)


Wir suchen dich als Servicemonteur-Profi und Team-Mitglied!
12 May

Servicemonteur / Elektroinstallateur (m/w)

ETAVIS AG - Zürich

Dynamisch? Interesse an einem tollen Team? Spannende technische Herausforderungen? Arbeite mit uns!
12 May
ETAVIS Kriegel+Schaffner AG


ETAVIS Kriegel+Schaffner AG - Basel

Ihre Aufgaben:In dieser interessanten Funktion sind Sie für die termingerechte Ausführung von Unterhaltsaufträgen bei unserer anspruchs
12 May


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Translated from French

25 days

Current employee, Unlimited employment

A good working climate and better conversation

A job well done Better organization of the teams Courage of employees

Improve working conditions Putting a structure in place for the advancement of the company

Translated from German

over 3 years

You quickly looked at my application and invited me within a very short time. I liked the people and the atmosphere was very pleasant every time. I really got a lot of info from the team and the company. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough for me, but I still liked the way it was done. I'll try aga...more

Translated from German

almost 2 years

Applicant, Unlimited employment

Good experience - maybe next time

ETAVIS reacted very quickly to my application. I liked it. The two conversations were honest and open. They went longer than I had thought - but this is positive, because I wanted to know a lot. The branch manager as well as the HR manager were able to show me my perspectives well. Both of them were...more

Although ETAVIS is large, they probably don't have a lot of requests to have their own employees work abroad for the sister companies. It was important to me. Here they could actually be further.