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Translated from German

over 3 years

Current employee

Great employees, high degree of independence

Very open and friendly employees, who allow a quick integration into the teams. Those who like to work independently and contribute their ideas will feel at home here. Here you can learn a lot on the job if you are ready. Honest and open communication is appreciated. Great products! it has enough fr...more

Translated from German

almost 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Contemporary framework conditions and plenty of freedom

This works well in the company

The job is super varied and the company is growing strongly. The tasks are fun and you have a lot of freedom. The framework conditions are up-to-date (home office etc.).

This could be improved

It is a relatively complex construct... perhaps one can explain this better/simpler.

Translated from German

over 3 years

Lack of leadership in the BU's. Hence a very large personnel change at Kelloggs.

Translated from German

over 3 years

HR responsible

We thank you for the evaluation. It's true that there have been personnel changes within Kellogg's department and the team has had to reassemble. This was due to a change in leadership and the associated changes within the team. We continue to develop as a company and so do our employees. As a compa...more