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Translated from German
over 2 yearsFormer employee

Worst company I've ever worked for!

Nothing is organised, nothing works, dilapidated sanitary facilities and changing rooms, poor wages, very poor management.

Translated from German
almost 3 years

In this company, you ain't worth nothing as an employee. The working climate is miserable and the pay is bad for this work.

Translated from German
about 1 yearFormer employeeTemporary

A very fair company

Thanks to the opportunity I got at Oeko-Service Schweiz AG, I was able to gain a foothold again and now have a permanent job.

But I needed a lot of patience and perseverance. In between, I thought "it never works."

Translated from German
over 1 yearApplicantUnlimited employment

Company, values and team convinced me!

Professional application procedure, very nice and friendly interview

Slightly shorter response times would be desirable. Otherwise I found it very professional for a small business!

Translated from German
over 1 yearFormer employeeUnlimited employment


Nowhere is everything "gold that glitters". I have experienced "ups and downs" in this company, in any case I wish the management and my former team colleagues all the best for the future. Keep it up, only together you're strong.

The existing team will continue to grow, I hope the management will soon find a "sales representative" so that the customer base can be expanded.

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