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Fake job offers: Job Scams on social media

It seems like the perfect job – tailor-made for you, exactly what you’d want. The offer is sent directly to your mobile phone via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram. You might even see it on Facebook or come across it on the many other social platforms that you use. The joy is immense. Don’t waste any time now; otherwise, someone else might land your dream job! 

But be careful: 

Please be careful if the alleged recruiter wants digital copies of your identification documents and/or personal information which is anything from passwords and bank details, to credit card numbers. This is precisely the scam that scammers are currently using to target job seekers. They pretend to be HR managers from a company and might even fabricate a connection to a large job portal like, when asked. In reality, they do not have any jobs to offer. Instead, they are after their victims‘ sensitive data, which they will later use for fraudulent purposes.  

How do I Identify suspicious or questionable Job Offers?

A first glance is not always enough. Some perpetrators even go to the trouble of creating a genuine-looking company website to which they refer potential interested parties. Short/Quick „job interviews“ might also take place, lulling „applicants“ into a false sense of security. Therefore, don’t let the prospect of an attractive job tempt you into not scrutinising the offer. 

The following factors are indications that you may be dealing with cybercriminals: 

  • You receive an offer for a job you never applied for. 
  • A comparatively high salary is offered for little work and low working qualifications. 
  • The advert contains grammatical and/or spelling mistakes. 
  • The company cannot be located on the Internet. 
  • If the company does have a website, it contains a different contact address and/or e-mail address. 
  • The online presence of the alleged company does not have an imprint that complies with the regulations. 
  • The contact person asks you to open an account with a bank. 
  • The contact person demands money in advance for alleged training materials, licenses, or something similar. 

Unfortunately, scammers like to use big names and brands to exploit people’s trust, and this goes far beyond our industry. This makes education all the more important. 

How secure is my data at

At JobCloud, we take great care to ensure that your information, applications, CV, and everything you have stored with us does not fall into unauthorised hands. Data is only shared within the framework of the applicable data protection regulations and in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. This means, for example, that when you apply via, you can have your data transmitted to the advertiser of a job advertisement – if you wish! Your data will not be passed on to potential employers until you submit your application. 

What can I do if I fear I am the victim of fraud?

  • Do not open any attachments from unknown senders. These could contain malware that, in a worst case scenario, might take control of your mobile phone or computer. 
  • Do not reply to messages and emails that you think are fraudulent. Simply move them to your spam/junk folder. 
  • If the fraudulent advertisement was placed on a job portal or with a job agency, report it to the operator. At, we assure you that we will thoroughly investigate such cases and take legal action if necessary. 
  • By using the website, you can report cases of fake adverts via the internet or social media to the police. 
  • If you have already sent data, account details, copies of IDs, or even money, report this to the police immediately and press charges. 

Advertise Safely: Fortunately, such cases are relatively rare in Switzerland. verifies all job offers from companies for authenticity before publication. Nevertheless, keep your eyes open, follow the tips mentioned above, and only share your data with people, organisations, or companies that you trust completely. If you are unsure about a job advert on our job portals, please feel free to contact us. 

Best of luck in your job search, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for your success! 

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