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Die Stadt Schaffhausen zählt mit ihren rund 36’000 Einwohnerinnen und Einwohnern zu den mittelgrossen Städten der Schweiz und ist Kantonshauptstadt. Rund 1600 engagierte Mitarbeitende setzen sich jeden Tag dafür ein, dass Schaffhausen eine lebenswerte Stadt bleibt. Die Arbeitsplätze unserer Mitarbei...more

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Hauswartin / Hauswart (100%)

Stadt Schaffhausen - Schaffhausen

Anpassungsfähigkeit, B, Belastbarkeit, Büroanwendungen, Computer, Dienstleistungsorientierung, EHS, Eigeninitiative, Eigenverantwortung, ...

Pflegefachperson HF (60 - 80 %) und BerufsbildnerIn von HF-Studierenden

Stadt Schaffhausen - Schaffhausen

Berufspraktikum, Deutsch, PC-Kenntnisse, Sozialkompetenz, Teamfähigkeit

Fachperson Information und Dokumentation EFZ (60-80%)

Stadt Schaffhausen - Schaffhausen

Dienstleistungsorientierung, Eigenverantwortung, Information und Dokumentation, Sicherheitsbewusstsein


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Translated from German
almost 2 yearsApplicantUnlimited employment

Too long application process

I waited five weeks for an answer. After 5 weeks a refusal to get WITHOUT the shortlist have come, I find a little long. I was disappointed in the application process. I also called and asked in between. They just said you weren't ready. And called after 3 weeks of waiting.
You hardly have a chance...more

Faster answers when you're not on the shortlist.

Translated from German
over 1 yearApplicantInternship

Application process unfortunately quite laborious...

The job description actually sounded very interesting.

During the interview I was told that I would receive an answer by day X. This day X was then postponed twice (more than one week each), because you need more time for the decision... At the end I received a rejection, which I only asked myself, why a shift was needed twice, especially since it was o...more

Translated from German
12 monthsCurrent employeeUnlimited employment

Very good employer

I can only recommend the city as an employer. She looks to her employees and the activities are very interesting, varied and challenging. The cooperation is uncomplicated, pleasant and there is a good team spirit. The paths are short and the doors are open.

As in every company, there is also potential for improvement in the city of Schaffhausen. The digitization process can still be improved and expanded depending on the areas.


Stadt Schaffhausen

Stadthausgasse 10
8200 Schaffhausen


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Apprenticeship Employer