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Translated from German

almost 3 years


1'000 employees...

...but one still understands oneself (erroneously) as an SME and acts accordingly. Sustainability can be doubted.

Translated from German

about 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Well-paid job?

-Good Wage -regulated working hours -bonus + 13th month's salary...

-More respectful treatment of employees by managers -gender equality -communication -not always forbid everything unnecessarily!

Translated from German

about 2 years

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Bad working climate, unfortunately nothing can be changed.

Only the result numbers are important, the human being does not count. You're just a cost center. Unfortunately, many good employees are no longer here, which is a pity.

The employees should be listened to and have more support from the boss.

Translated from German

almost 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Changing IT

IT is currently undergoing change. In the next one to two years, the processes with the "sister companies" of the Saint-Gobain Group CH will be revised and an attempt will be made to exploit synergies. This is quite a challenge, but also very exciting.

The project management processes would have to be lived more, among other things also by the management.

Translated from German

about 1 year

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Biel branch office

Working atmosphere Modern furnishings, respect is written in capital letters Supervisor behaviour The managers trust the employees and contribute to the whole very well. Colleagues' solidarity Sincere and helpful colleagues through and through. Interesting tasks Varied and exciting challenges in...more

The communication between the different branches could be better.

Translated from German

about 1 year

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Poor working atmosphere, hardly any appreciation

There are events and the same events, that is good in itself, but unfortunately hardly any people go there anymore.

The management style should be reconsidered. That's all there is to say.

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