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31 mai 2022

Former employee

Bad working conditions and very low salaries

This works well in the company

I would say nothing but the system doesn't not allow me to write only 1 word... So I will gladly rephrase it as "almost nothing"......

This could be improved

No room for improvement. Extremely bad work conditions for carers,who often have to skip their break because of time pressure. Management lacks insights for a better use of resources while complaining at the same time about the high turnover of staff....

Translated from German

26 août 2022

Former employee


This works well in the company

The team was good. The training courses are good. We worked well together during the crisis....

This could be improved

There is simply a shortage of staff. You should hire more people and save money elsewhere. The jendige who are there have to work for two but still have the same salary. They say that you can do an apprenticeship, but if you want to do it, you have to do it. Then one makes a retreat....

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