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Die Securitas AG ist die grösste Sicherheitsdienstleisterin der Schweiz. Die Mitarbeitenden erfüllen rund um die Uhr professionelle Sicherheitsaufgaben im Auftrag von Unternehmen, Behörden und Privaten. Aufbauend auf der Grundausbildung, bieten sich vielfältige Spezialisierungsmöglichkeiten in den B...



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Translated from German

14 March 2018

Former employee

Poor working climate and poor pay....

is really what the Lord writes above. And the owner family Spreng is one of the richest families in Switzerland (among the top 300 richest in Switzerland). I can only smile about HR's answer "We take matters seriously and look for opportunities together". Managers are looking to get their bonus, and...

Translated from German

12 March 2023

Executive / Manager

Thank you for your comment, I can only tell you that Securitas AG is the largest security service provider in Switzerland. The employees perform professional security tasks around the clock and the customers are very satisfied with our services. Greetings

Translated from German

05 March 2018

Current employee

Poor working climate, poor pay, etc...

Remuneration, at least for a permanent position, is worse than bad. You perform the maximum of the statutory annual working time allowed and earn the minimum of the minimum prescribed by the CLA. Specializations are compensated more than average. Shift bonuses are also absent. It creates a climate o...

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08 March 2018

HR responsible

We hire lateral entrants from all areas and offer new career opportunities for people who want to establish themselves in a new, exciting field. We take over the training and further education of our employees and offer a fair wage for it; punctually every month. We take your concerns seriously and...

Translated from German

07 April 2018

Former employee

Nothing for weak nerves

It is only demanded until the employee falls over and if someone says something to the higher position this is taken seriously in front of the employee but never implemented even if you are totally exhausted, nothing is done. Shift bonuses are a joke and the annual working time should only be achiev...


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