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Translated from German

29 December 2020

Former employee

It's a pity that the foundation gets so lost and tangled up

This works well in the company

Grassroots work. The poorly paid staff at the grassroots is committed to the fellow man.

This could be improved

In appreciation of the employees of the foundation. No benefits for employees. From the top, private and business matters are badly misunderstood and also disregarded. This damages the image and endangers the well-being of the foundation. The foundation is above all a place for free-church movements...

Translated from German

29 July 2020

Former employee

Overall impression, unfortunately the personnel policy is very antisocial

This works well in the company

Most of the employees are mega nice and cool. Among each other, things usually go well.

This could be improved

Pretty much everywhere, wage policy. Dealing with employees. Management style.


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