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Translated from German

14 November 2018

Current employee


You are placed on the machine and then the team leaders wait for you to be able to do everything. Very bad training. If you ask questions, the team leaders get ugly. The superiors assume that the atmosphere is very good. They're massively mistaken, nothing's good. But if you raise an objection, you...

Translated from German

12 September 2018

Former employee

Work climate bad

Thanks to the help of the personnel commission it was possible to assert oneself, otherwise the personnel service stands in the way. The mood in the team can only be improved if the team leaders would support the employees more.

Translated from German

23 November 2018

Current employee

Could be nice.

Poor induction, shift leader without leadership quality, miserable working atmosphere. Anyone who contradicts will be punished in the form of punitive work or you will be constantly checked and bawled out for every little thing. It could be a great place to work but with the current leadership posit...