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Translated from German
Varied work and a great team

The close connection to agriculture provides a lot of variety. Every season brings new challenges. Due to the associated dependence on the weather, work peaks are unavoidable, but can be mastered with a good team. I'm sure you don't get bored. The HR department always has an open ear and stands by t...more

Translated from German
Top conditions of employment

Very good employment conditions
The company looks for a good working environment.

Announcement of fenaco in Switzerland. People don't know fenaco enough. They partly do not know what fenaco does, although they often consume products produced by fenaco.

Translated from German
Fair employer with exciting tasks !

Corporate values are cultivated and lived. Exciting tasks in the network of the various business units. Social attitude. Modern tools.

Today's economic challenges can be tackled even more comprehensively within fenaco.

Translated from German
No response to application

After my application for field service, waiting over a 1 1/2 month for an answer, I would not have given this company. Too bad.

Translated from German

We would be happy to clarify this matter with you.
Please contact us at the telephone number indicated on the advertisement.
Friendly greetings

Translated from German
Too old

If you're too old, you don't even have to apply, the old ones are simply terminated!!!

Translated from German

older applicants have no cance. you get who at all
very late an abage. very bad payment.

Translated from German

a good knowledge of German would be a prerequisite among other things...

Translated from German

No canteen, overtime flat rate with 3 days free per year. I'd rather not...

Translated from German
Bottom drawer

I am currently still employed in Volg.
Poor wages, miserable working conditions, unacceptable opening and working hours.
I'm glad I can send my resignation this month.

Translated from German
you can forget

Unsocial!! Older applicants will be rejected immediately!
But you're always on the lookout.

Translated from German
Bad employer

The work would be very varied

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