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Translated from German

over 2 years

Former employee

from the outside top from the inside flop!!

The boardroom is scandalous!!! Organizational a zero!!! And wages are also quite meager!!!

Translated from German

about 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Rather boring.

Two-class society. I don't have much of a chance for advancement. Cohesion lean.

Many cooks spoil the porridge. A clear division of responsibilities is necessary here. Company inventory partly worthy of renewal. Suggestions for improvement should be heard and not avoided. There is also room for improvement.


about 2 years

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Give this place a miss.

Good engineering department. Experienced engineers, they prodce well designed aircraft.

Awful management and it is a face must fit culture.

Don't be such cheapskates.

Translated from German

over 2 years

Current employee

Top Company

Best employer far and wide. Very well trained superiors. Top working climate, top management, very good opportunities for promotion.

Translated from German

3 months

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Uncertainty due to poor management

Image: Aircraft & Services are known worldwide for their high quality. The name Pilatus has a high prestige.
Pilatus treats older MA very fairly. The Migros canteen is practical and inexpensive. But: The food has been getting worse and worse since Covid.
Learners are highly valued and strongly encou...more

The motivation of many is currently suffering greatly. There is a lack of modern leadership. The style of many "managers" is dusty and of yesterday. There is no visible and tangible strategy, no vision.
Employees & team leaders receive very little information, there is uncertainty. The top managemen...more

Translated from French

11 months

Former employee, Unlimited employment

So much potential, so little changes

Great products, lot of knowledgeable employees keen on sharing their knowledge.

The management style (patriarchal) does not fit a mordern society and should evolve. Internal communication definitvely requires drastical improvments (wrt to new positions, company news etc).

Translated from German

almost 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Top and with a future

Top company with potential??????????????????
Always evolving???????????????????

Maybe a little better from HR to MA, more further training?????????????????

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