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Translated from German
Family business

To this day a Social Thinking Family Company

Maintain what has been achieved and remain open to new ideas.

Translated from German
Very good working climate

Very good family-collegial relations.
The team works with high estimation skills.
Top experiences gained.

Great family business with high working atmosphere.

Very good induction program, each one is trained and informed about everything.

Sehr guter Arbeitgeber

Sehr familiär und viele hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter. Ein tolles Team mit Mitsprachemöglichkeiten.

Man kann immer besser sein. Diebezüglich braucht es jeden und sind auch alle verantwortlich. vom Lernenden bis zum Management.

Translated from German
The screws must be tightened.

Various occasions and celebrations are very well organized, you have to admit that.
The so-called "family feeling" can be felt there.

Often after such occasions one is again "the other of this department"
Promises are not kept or are delayed very far! No wonder that many jump off the boat (especially the boy who should be encouraged and supported).

The hiring process is not good, personalities are recruited who do not fit into th...more

Translated from German
No plan from HR

HR does not speak German. Maybe you're luckier with Spanish. The jobs are posted every 3 months. Employees come and go. HR cannot recruit the right people. The management is watching and not intervening.

Translated from German
I cannot recommend

No structure and line sides superiors. Although you do your job cleanly and are still praised by customers for it, you are always a 3rd class employee.

Translated from German
Not contemporary and inhuman

One out of two applications to Planzer received no response. After the following ones, I was quickly and briefly dealt with by telephone. Unfortunately, I injured my foot during the trial and should report again after the healing. After approx. 14 days I contacted you and stated the time for an unre...more

It is inhumane and more than superficial not to take time for a conversation and not to even want to talk to any future employees. There's definitely the wrong man in that leadership position. A company should and must devote more time and commitment to its employees. Ultimately, the personnel is th...more

Translated from German

Politics in certain locations is catastrophic. Applicants with very high professional experience are not preferred to result that, one sees, sought disponent.

Translated from German
stay away

Planzer has just got his name and he's well-known. But she still doesn't have a good reputation

Not only promote staff internally as they have no practice.

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