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Translated from French

19 May 2019


you will never know their answer following a recruitment

This works well in the company

The welcome was good and the safety instructions were clear.

This could be improved

A year ago, I went there for a recruitment interview in Geneva while I live very far away (it took me a whole day). The interview went well with 2 managers. Then radio silence, I followed up by email, by phone; a year after still nothing, not even a standardised refusal email.

Translated from German

06 March 2023


Onboarding already starts with recruiting

This works well in the company

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question because I was not given the insight.

This could be improved

I was highly motivated when I applied for a desired position at Georg Fischer. Unfortunately, the interview did not go as expected in a first meeting. I found a lack of business etiquette for general rules of conduct and a lack of manners. The supervisor of this position put me in the dock within t...

Translated from German

30 April 2021

Current employee

On the whole a great company with a future

This works well in the company

Gf is a very customer-oriented company. They try to keep everything up to date and always have the latest technology. Good work is rewarded and company outings etc. are not neglected. Georg Fischer may be cautious about wages at first, but they are happy to pay for training / further education where...

This could be improved

The working atmosphere as well as the amount of work varies greatly from department to department. Some long-time employees have become too comfortable and enjoy longer breaks.

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