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Credit Suisse is one of the world's leading financial services providers. The bank’s strategy is built on its leading Wealth Management and Swiss Bank franchises, with strong Asset Management as well as Markets capabilities. Credit Suisse seeks to follow a balanced approach to wealth management, aim...



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18 April 2018

Former employee

Downwards spiral since 2007

CS failed to monopolize on it's relatively strong position when emerging from the credit crisis. Lack of clear leadership and political fighting between departments has caused the bank to stagnate rather than grow and prosper. Internally motivation is low and in general the mood is bad.

Translated from German

07 August 2018

Current employee

hands off

I've never worked in such a badly organized company. Salaries and bonuses are pressed down on the worst so that above the party can go on for the chosen one.

Translated from German

27 October 2017

Too much pressure is exerted on the lowest level, the demands are extremely high. Even after years of perfect work, you are not protected against dismissal.


Credit Suisse AG

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