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Translated from German

19 June 2020

Former employee

Much room for manoeuvre and visionary plans for the future

This works well in the company

- Atmosphere / Spirit: Top - Super CEO's and owners (visionary, inspiring) - Application process was professional - top...

This could be improved

Managers are capable of development. However, companies have taken measures and are developing them in a targeted manner. Findings regarding personnel challenges should be addressed more quickly....

Translated from German

26 October 2021



This works well in the company

relatively quick response - SUPER good ! great job. The obligatory rejection was a formality on the part of the employer on the phone can also do with 2 sentences. The shortest 'lightning phone call' in the history of the world I would say. It did not last 10 seconds. But the answer was completely...

This could be improved

Over the whole interview I felt treated unfriendly. Already from the beginning. Undercooled gestures on the part of present management, which was visibly extremely bored. The "hammock sitting position" attitude of the boss was the final touch. So they criticized my whole CV, my career... They even q...