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Translated from German

10 January 2018

In November 2017 I started my job at the KSW Kantonsspital Winterthur. Even during the application process, KSW and its employees presented themselves very appreciatively and competently. The discussions and the assessment were held in a very relaxed and interested atmosphere. On the first day I too...

Translated from German

08 August 2018

HR responsible

Thank you for the positive description of your first impression of Welcome-Day. Nice of you to join the team. We look forward to further constructive cooperation with you. Albert Jucker...

Translated from German

24 December 2020

Current employee


This works well in the company

Very competent Nice staff Large offer in The. Caffe...

This could be improved

Good experiences Gutter service Immrr ready to help And always fast for place...

Translated from German

17 November 2022

Former employee

Good working conditions, poor pay

This works well in the company

Good social benefits, family working relationship in the house,...

This could be improved

The Winterthur Cantonal Hospital has poor, cantonal salary conditions....

Translated from German

26 November 2018

Current employee

Not recommended

Extreme savings pressure at the expense of nurses and patients. Basic supply especially on general department is not even guaranteed anymore! Partially overcrowded. Many employees, especially in nursing, are running at the absolute limit and yet NOTHING changes. On the contrary, the situation is get...

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