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Translated from German
a year ago
Current employee
es ging mal anders

Migros Bank used to be an exceptional bank, a real alternative. In the meantime, managers who have been decommissioned from major banks and who do not fit into the Migros environment either culturally or financially are working there. Migros Bank has lost its good soul and is now, at least in top ma...more

Translated from German
Clear application process1.0
Job clearly described1.0
Personalized answer1.0
7 months ago
Unlimited employment
No contact HR: Information refused

I can't judge that. I can't judge that.

There is no way to contact HR. The job advertisements do not contain any information and if you ask the MGB, the information will be refused. So you can't address the application to anyone and you can't ask any questions. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen" was applied for 100 years ago... (this was suggeste...more

Translated from German
2 years ago

Good social benefits but very poor and unmotivating wage policy, at least for ordinary employees.

Translated from German
Salary and benefits5.0
Management style4.0
Working environment5.0
Career opportunities4.0
6 months ago
Current employee
Unlimited employment
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Clear structures, open and transparent communication, based on partnership and travelling together

Courage to innovate, to seek and enter into cooperation with Fintech.

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