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McOptic is an independent company in ophthalmic optics industry based in Basel, Switzerland.

McOptic always focusses on offering its consumers high quality products at fair prices. In order to support the economy in its country, McOptic exclusively works with the largest glass producer in Switze...

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Mc Optik (Schweiz) AG

Augenoptiker/-innen, dipl. Augenoptiker/-innen, Optometristen/Optometristinnen

Mc Optik (Schweiz) AG - Kantone ZH, GR, SG, AG, VS, SH

In 20 Jahren über 60 Filialen – werden auch Sie Teil dieser Erfolgsgeschichte. Sie sind aufgeschlossen, flexibel, teamfähig und haben Freude am


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over 1 yearCurrent employeeUnlimited employment
Working climate strongly dependent on branch office

Wage is punctual
Closing time is usually on time
Some branches good climate

Urgently improve communication across the enterprise
Mobbing and discrimination finally effectively prevent


Mc Optik (Schweiz) AG

Rotterdam-Strasse 21
4053 Basel