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over 2 years

Working climate is very bad.
Superiors aren't very accurate.

over 1 year
Former employee
Unlimited employment
Employees not considered as human capital, just numbers

Good salary, shares package. Location close to the airport, good for frequent travellers.

Not a single leader. Only managers thinking about their own career. Employees like numbers, hired and fired. Vifor should be more careful to the human capital, to the human value. It is common to see employees hitting extra bonus, nice words and after being fired. Due to internal

almost 2 years
Current employee
High pace and lots of change

The company is successful and work is interesting. Some things about the organisation remain unclear because of the fast growth and multiple changes. Environment is exciting. Proud to be part of a Swiss company shaping the industry. Great company values.

4 months
Current employee
Unlimited employment
Good working atmosphere on most sites

Very good team collaboration at manufacturing sites eg St. Gallen, Geneva.
Middle Management is very well supporting and developing their staff.
Great investments and very high innovation strategy, employees can support ambitious projects which could be beneficial for their career.

Working climate at manufacturing sites slightly better compared to headquarter.
Fast growing company with multiple challenging projects, not every employee can keep the pace, therefore more staff required to fully meet the ambitious goals.

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