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Translated from German

10 September 2020

Current employee

Curls of false promises, sloppy pay.

This works well in the company

I work for the client. I am curious whether the prospect of a permanent position is just a fairy tale.

This could be improved

Job Scout from partner company advertises with false promises of wages, false job description. Agreed weekly advance payments must always be claimed with considerable delays. Earn less than I was promised and always have to run after the money. Keep your hands off these shady people.

Translated from German

19 January 2021

Executive / Manager

Grüezi, thank you very much for your feedback. We are very sorry that you are not satisfied with our service. I ask you to contact me or your responsible consultant, as some of your points are not understandable / comprehensible for me. Thank you very much. Kind regards Rolf Märki

Translated from German

30 July 2018

Current employee

Come on, Top!!!!!

Dekra Arbeit AG Buchs works very transparently and fairly and always found me a job immediately and explained everything exactly. very nice team!!!!